Outdoors Notebook: MN-FISH celebrates $98.1 million in fishing, boating funding

Legislative investment opens door to improving state hatcheries, boat and angler accesses and more.

ROGERS, Minn. – The nonprofit group MN-FISH is celebrating the Minnesota Legislature’s $98.1 million investment in fishing and boating, which officials from the Department of Natural Resources have called both “transformational” and “historic.”

“This investment in fishing shows state leadership understands the economic and cultural importance of sport fishing in Minnesota, and the need to maintain it,” Ron Schara, president of MN-FISH, said in a statement. MN-FISH members and other anglers also deserve credit for reaching out to legislators and showing their support for repairing and updating state fish hatcheries and public boat accesses, Schara said.

Bill highlights include:

  • $55 million to revitalize the state’s aging hatchery system, including replacement of the critical Waterville hatchery, which supports key fisheries across southern Minnesota through annual stocking of walleyes, pike and other fish species.
  • $5 million to improve and enhance shore fishing opportunities in urban areas, with new piers and other facilities added.
  • $38.1 million for improving public water accesses statewide, (new docks, bathroom facilities and gravel), as well as the building of two all-new accesses.
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