At Park Street Public, we foster collaborations with organizations to effectively shift public sentiment, influence policymakers, enhance reputations, and inspire communities, ultimately empowering them to successfully accomplish their goals.

Government Relations

Our bipartisan team leverages our experience to introduce your story to decision-makers and legislators while executing tailored strategies to develop legislation and monitor policy-making.

Public Affairs

With vast media expertise, Park Street Public effectively and impactfully communicates your story through traditional and digital platforms to the public, elected officials, coalitions, and beyond.

Strategic Consulting

We help our clients understand where the entry points and opportunities lie to affect change or get involved in a process - from who to meet with to identifying the right coalitions.

Coalition Development

Crafting a powerful message and forming strategic alliances are vital for organizations aiming to influence legislation. We coordinate and align coalitions to maximize impact.

Government Procurement

Our government procurement service helps our clients navigate the procurement process and connects sales partners to decision-makers in state and local government.


We help our clients craft narratives, build a comprehensive communication plan, and navigate crises. Our expert counsel provides hands-on support to elevate brands and protect reputations.
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